Amy (andhowever) wrote in on_lsd,

Back to school, back to business, back to DOMINATING! YEAH!

Yo! Hey you! Yes you! Debate team member! We have. . .things. . .to discuss.
1. I officially declare this year as rule by military council, i.e. the three-year juniors have the power. I've discussed this with the relevant personages, and all seem to agree. No, we won't be implementing the old 'president-vice president-secretary-treasurer' system, which seemed largely ineffective anyway, with the president *coughEMILY* being a figurehead. A bitchy figurehead, but still. And yes, after extensive review of the ranks, I came to the realization that the three-year juniors (Bo, Keith, Andrew, Elise, and Amy. . .if I forgot anyone smack me) are in fact the senior members of the team. Scary, huh? And damn it, I realize that there may be some seniors on the team this year, but nobody has been as committed to the team as us and frankly none of them deserve the positions of power. Yes, this is an issue close to my heart. No, I will not let it slide. I will not let what happened last year -- the disintegration of the team in the second semester -- happen to us this year. I firmly believe that this is the second golden age of Lincoln Debate, in terms of talent, and I am committed to seeing us through to our full potential. Also, I think rule by a junta of sorts will be the best as none of the juniors have the time to govern the team alone. This way, whatever needs to get done will get done by the people who have time to do it. Sound good? Good.
2. In regards to recruitment -- DO IT. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors. . .we'll take what we can get. Would anyone like to volunteer to help me recruit at registration? On that note, if you feel you have a certain strength and would like to use that to train newbies in the fall, contact me. I have several training plans, including some uber-fun mix-and-match practice debates, but could always use more! (Yes, I have declared myself officially in charge of recruitment and training. Anyone have a problem with that? No, seriously, because help is always good.)
3. In order to help me with some organizational stuff -- if you guys could comment on this entry with your name, your grade, and the events you are planning on doing this year (also the info on people you have recruited for the fall), that would be awesome.
4. Who wants to take on the mailing list?
5. Ideas for sweatshirts always welcome.
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"Hi, my name is Andrew Riley, and I am a debater."

"Hi, Andrew!"

Now, pointless funnies aside, I agree with what you have said. The Juniors have been on the team for the better part of three years, so why shouldn't we be the dictators? Oops... I mean, the "officers".

I will be doing Public and Radio this year, as well as possibly doing ADS or impromptu, though I haven't decided yet on the last two.
Gah! Damn that swimming class, so I cant do any registration recruiting, sadly, but hell yes, I mean its pretty damn obvious that I want to do some serious recruiting. I'm going to try and infiltrate my sisters groups, but we are going to need to rely on the sophomores to get a lot of the froshies...hopefully ones who have classes with them (froshies). *eyes narrow* you're in charge of recruiting? excuuuuse me babe but I did quite a bit of that recruiting last year. And I believe Andrew is doing lots of the organizational stuff, and my mom is interested in judging practice debates.
should have also added that Andrew kinda has "control" of the mailing list, as he IS the one that kept it alive in all practical purposes
Griffin will handle the freshman girl recruiting. Younger girls like him.
Freshman seem to be flocking to LSD /anyway/... not to mention every sophomore I know has decided to join also...

Jeez, you guys are a plague. Why doesn't Catlin have one???
Yeah, I'm really only in charge of recruiting because I felt the fire in my soul. And fire it was.
And also because it sounds better than 'Weeeeell, I don't really know much about recruiting. . .but I'm kinda doing it. . .'. You know! STRONG AFFIRMATIVES!
Wahooo! I'm on LSD!


As for Sweats, how about:

Front: LSD
Back: What're you looking at? You just got RAT-CHAWED!

Oh, yeah. Goutham's high.