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Surprise surprise! 
02:06am 25/04/2005

Urm... so yeah, State's done and over with, we've got no more tourneys this year, and from now on, the only audience that I may hold captive for over three minutes (unlss I join OSUSD) may very well be the fungi on the walls of the guys' bathrooms at Lincoln. Sniffle indeed.

As far as the whole team get-together thing goes, my place is open for invasion whenever. Unless, of course, one of you guys would really really like it if the thing were to be held at your place instead. Whatever the case may be, pump some life into this community and let me know what you (YES, YOU!) think.

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04:25pm 08/12/2004
  Dude, nice job at clack guys!

Haha, forgot about this community didnt ya?

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Back to school, back to business, back to DOMINATING! YEAH! 
11:41pm 16/08/2004
  Yo! Hey you! Yes you! Debate team member! We have. . .things. . .to discuss.
1. I officially declare this year as rule by military council, i.e. the three-year juniors have the power. I've discussed this with the relevant personages, and all seem to agree. No, we won't be implementing the old 'president-vice president-secretary-treasurer' system, which seemed largely ineffective anyway, with the president *coughEMILY* being a figurehead. A bitchy figurehead, but still. And yes, after extensive review of the ranks, I came to the realization that the three-year juniors (Bo, Keith, Andrew, Elise, and Amy. . .if I forgot anyone smack me) are in fact the senior members of the team. Scary, huh? And damn it, I realize that there may be some seniors on the team this year, but nobody has been as committed to the team as us and frankly none of them deserve the positions of power. Yes, this is an issue close to my heart. No, I will not let it slide. I will not let what happened last year -- the disintegration of the team in the second semester -- happen to us this year. I firmly believe that this is the second golden age of Lincoln Debate, in terms of talent, and I am committed to seeing us through to our full potential. Also, I think rule by a junta of sorts will be the best as none of the juniors have the time to govern the team alone. This way, whatever needs to get done will get done by the people who have time to do it. Sound good? Good.
2. In regards to recruitment -- DO IT. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors. . .we'll take what we can get. Would anyone like to volunteer to help me recruit at registration? On that note, if you feel you have a certain strength and would like to use that to train newbies in the fall, contact me. I have several training plans, including some uber-fun mix-and-match practice debates, but could always use more! (Yes, I have declared myself officially in charge of recruitment and training. Anyone have a problem with that? No, seriously, because help is always good.)
3. In order to help me with some organizational stuff -- if you guys could comment on this entry with your name, your grade, and the events you are planning on doing this year (also the info on people you have recruited for the fall), that would be awesome.
4. Who wants to take on the mailing list?
5. Ideas for sweatshirts always welcome.

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07:35pm 25/02/2004
  Hey everyone, check out the new icon!
I also uploaded two other ones. To see them, go to the userinfo page and click on the icon. They are teh pretty.

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10:28pm 19/02/2004
  Good luck at the tournament, all you who are going!  

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11:44pm 09/03/2004
  The only showing of Revenge of the Nerds this weekend that we have not already missed is at 4 p.m. on Sunday (today by the time you guys read this), at the Clinton Street Theater which is located at 2522 SE Clinton Street. Come if you can, but don't worry if you can't because I'm going to try to organize to go to a 7 p.m. showing later in the week or possibly next weekend although I'm not sure if it'll still be playing then (once again, please ignore the fact that this entry is dated march something-or-other. I'm trying to fix that...).  

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10:23am 07/02/2004
  Everyone excited about SEMI FORMAL?????????
Cause I sure am.
And also: Four day weekend next week. Anyone want to organize something for one of the days (not Saturday, as it is Valentine's day)? Maybe the girls can go and see the movie which shall not be named but everyone knows what it is.
Man, I love me.

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REVENGE OF THE NERDS!!!!!!~!@$@##^@!!1 
11:13pm 08/03/2004
mood: elated
Rvenge of the Nerds is playing at the Clinton Street Theater and I'll be damned if I don't force you all to go there to see it with me some time. I don't know when it's showing but we should see it either Sunday or next weekend...

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04:23pm 29/01/2004
  does anyone realize that almost no one writes in this? So may I ask: what is the point? ^_^  

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09:28pm 09/01/2004
  The following is a transcription of the e-mail I recieved from the Drama listserve. I thought some of you might find this information valueble.


Yes! Folks, let's get that again!
...and one more time....


RAMAYANA! The Indian extravaganza! the most kickass,
groundbreaking highschool play ever! The auditions are on

yes! Monday! monday 1/12/03. This is currently the ONLY
planned audition day, and mucho folks are needed. 3:30 to 6:30.
dress comfortably, be prepared to move. Auditions will be in
room 163 unless posted otherwise on the auditorium door.

REHEARSALS will be starting the FOLLOWING DAY. Be aware!
When i said this was the only day, I was serious! unless there's
just too darn many people to get through (which would be a
freaking blessing, so try for it, yo), a cast list will be up tuesday
(1/13/03), wherepon rehearsals will begin.

SO! WHADAYA waiting for?! Uh, besides 3:30 on monday?! You
best be auditionin', come that time!

sincerely and surely dignified,

So there it is folks. 3:30 on Monday. One single day to prove our valor and worth. Do we have what it takes to be in... ::dramatic music:: THE RAMAYANA?
Sanford S. Wilson

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11:40pm 08/01/2004
mood: accomplished
*gets first entry*
So, to cut agentfouloldron off. . .
We have a snow day tomorrow. Anybody for a get-together downtown? 2 at the Central Library? We can throw ice at newspaper dispensers!
Lemme know if you can.
Also: is Linfield the 30-31?

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